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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Jean-Michael Seri and Virgil van Dijk


French daily newspaper L’Equipe are suggesting that the Barcelona have stepped up the chase for Nice starlet 26-year-old (27 next July) Jean-Michael Seri. It has previously been reported that he wants to join Barcelona, which if true, would mean he would wait for them to see if they come calling.

They will have spoken to his representatives so he will know where he stands and thta makes anyone else, like ourselves, signing him difficulty, if not impossible, until he knows definatively what Barcelona are going to do.

They presumably have been perusing other targets first, which shows the difficulties in trying to sign players, especially if you have to work to a budget like ourselves.

If Virgil van Dijk is so ambitious, why was he happy to sign a 6-year contract with Southampton. I mean no disrespect to the Saints but they are not going to be winning the Premier League or qualifying for the UEFA Champions League.

His statement and the signing of a 6-year contract do not tally. basically he has been , in my view, dishonest with the club. he has seen them as a stepping stone, that is fair enough, but then you sign a 4-year deal, not a 6-year one.

I fully understand why he wants to join Liverpool, but he hasn't covered himself in glory and could have been more honest with the club from the outset.

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  1. Perhaps he reached a higher level quicker than he expected too and now needs a higher challenge? He's not the first to do this and he certainly won't be the last. Unfortunately for Saints fans they are a feeder club.

  2. Please explain why a 6-year deal is less honest than a 4-year deal. I'm not following that point.


    1. A 6-year deal implies you are staying long term, a 4 year deal is below the standard 5 year deal and it could be argued, that it shows you are not necessarily staying at the club.

      A club needs to sell a player with 2 years left on his contract to get a fair price, thus as Arsene Wenger once said, a four-year contract in in fact just a two-year contract.



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