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Monday, 23 January 2017

Proactive coaching needed to deal with the problem


A few statistics highlight the problems we were having at Manchester City as they played four attacking midfielders and overran us in midfield.

Manchester City 28 touches in our penalty area
Tottenham 1 touch in their area
Harry Kane 7 touches (took over 20 minutes for his first touch)
Dele Alli 8 touches

They applied the pressurising tactics on us that we applied on them at White Hart Lane.

Liverpool did the same thing to us earlier in the season at White Hart Lane and we escaped with a 1-1 draw. Bayer Leverkusen did it to us in the second half of our first tie against them in the UEFA Champions League, another game we drew.

That at least shows when we can't play our football and we are pinned back we can grind out a result. The fact that we struggled to create anything and came from 2-0 down to draw a game we looked like losing with 30 minutes to go suggests we have greater steel and mental strength than we have had in the past. Some former Spurs teams would have given up, some gone through the motions, not this one.

Just as teams struggle against our press so we must learn to deal with an increasing number of teams pressing us. Far too often a simple ball over the top had us in problems, our over the top ball weren't accurate enough though.

It's an area we need to work on before everyone cottons on that is the way to play against us. We need to be ready to deal with it before it happens as opposed to trying to find a solution after the event.

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Mason in stable condition

Ryan Mason stable in hospital

It is shocking news that Ryan Mason is in a hospital bed after a clash of heads with Gary Cahill left him with a fractured skull and internal bleeding.

He is an honest hard working footballer who forced his way into our side before moving on to Hull City to get some more game time.

As a Spurs fan I never had an issue with his inclusion, you knew exactly what you were going to get and he always conjures up memories of a whole-hearted performance against Arsenal at White Hart Lane. Naturally, I wish him a speedy and full recovery.

A statement from Hull City was released last night.

"The Club can confirm that Ryan Mason sustained a skull fracture in our fixture at Chelsea this afternoon.

"He was taken to St Mary’s Hospital where he has undergone surgery.

"Ryan is in a stable condition and is expected to remain in hospital for the next few days.

"Everyone at the Club would like to express their sincere thanks for the excellent and swift care given to Ryan by both the Accident and Emergency department and Neurosurgery Unit at St Mary’s Hospital.

"A further update will be issued tomorrow."

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Spurs talk with young striker


Spurs have held talks with young Italian striker Pinamonti

Mauricio Pochettino has stated that Spurs are mot looking to add players to the squad this January, that doesn't mean we won't if the right player becomes available at the right price.

The transfer window has changed and people simply don't want to lose players mid-season, it is just too much of a gamble. If you sell a player, you need a replacement and we have seen at Tottenham that players take time to settle into a new system, especially our one.

You simply can't afford that as a selling club so it makes more sense for them to wait until the summer when they can get a pre-season into a new signing. That doesn't stop the speculation or the scouting of players for the summer.

Our transfer strategy is to buy young and develop so we scout all the top young players, whether we need them right now or not. One such player we are watching is Andrea Pinamonti.

Andrea Pinamonti is a 17-year-old (18 in May) Italian striker who plays for Internazionale. Juventus, Bayer Leverkusen, Arsenal and most of all Chelsea are chasing the youngster we have already held talks with.

His contract ends in January 2017 and thus he would be available to foreign clubs (foreign to Italy) for £400,000 under the games regulations. As he is one of the brightest prospects in Italy, we are naturally very interested. Inter Milan want him to sign a new five-year contract but he has yet to decide what to do with his future.

At youth level this season he has played 18 games and scored 15 goals, a goal every 97 minutes. Four of those games have been in the two Italian Cups and one in the UEFA Europa League so at solely youth level his goal scoring record is even more impressive.

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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Dembele can't wait to play in the new stadium

We are having built a brilliant new stadium and Chelsea put forward an eyesore for theirs Mousa Dembele tweeted the other day that he couldn't wait to play in the new stadium and I should think there are a few more players like that. Such remarks suggest he won't be going anywhere in a hurry and that the new stadium is a pull for the players too.

Can't wait to play at the new stadium! 🙌

Spurs have until the end of March to tell the FA they want to play Premier League games at Wembley next season. The latest word is that we will be taking up that option so we have to make the most of our acclimatisation period this season, now in the UEFA Europa League. Of course, it would help if we won the FA Cup too!

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Spurs watching Lazio centre-back Stefan de Vrij


Spurs keeping tabs on Stefan de Vrij

Lazio beat Atalanta 2-1 on Sunday 15 January and Chelsea had observers in the stands to see 24-year-old (25 in February) Lazio centre-back Stefan de Vrij.

Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, Borussia Dortmund, Paris Saint-Germain, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan and Inter Milan are also watching him.

Some reports say Chelsea are going to offer £15 million  (€17.35m - AUS$24.57m - US$18.57m) for the Dutchman, while other reports value him at £51.87 million (€60m - AUS$84.98m - US$64.21m).

He is right footed and under contract until 2018 so will be entering the final year of his contract in the summer, thus reducing his price considerably from the lofty valuation Lazio appear to have placed upon him.

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A good point in the end

With Toby Alderweireld coming off injured with a tight hamstring it is fortunate that next week is FA Cup week and he can have a rest.

Cameron Carter-Vickers will be in line for a game in which we may well revert to a back four and play Kevin Wimmer, Kieran Trippier and Ben Davies. Hopefully coming off as a precaution he'll be available for the next Premier League game which isn't until 31 January when we play Sunderland away.

At 2-1 down, with Victor Wanyama and Eric Dier at centre-back we did well to grab a 2-2 draw with a neat move and fine finish.

Manchester City seemed to have targeted Danny Rose and each time he tried to come forward they seemed to foul him, certainly Kyle Walker didn't have the same trouble on the opposite side leaving him free to play in a lovely cross for Dele Alli to pounce with another header.

More game time for Harry Winks who will no doubt start next week. He continues to look calm and assured on the ball and has been a real plus this season.

Given we were outplayed, a point is a good result for us with our rivals dropping points when you wouldn't have expected them to. That is another of the major teams out of the way, having played Chelsea twice already.It may have been a battle for us but there were plenty of positives to take from the game.

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VIDEO: First Half, Second Half and Highlights


If like me you didn't get to see the game this week or if you want to see it again, perhaps you were there and want to see the televised version, then the following links are for you.

First Half
Second Half
BBC Match of the Day Highlights and Extended Highlights

The result keeps us second for the moment, Manchester City didn't gain any ground, Liverpool lost, which leaves Arsenal able to go above us if the win today. Chelsea look as if they are going to open up a bigger gap ahead of their next clash with Liverpool at Anfield.

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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Xavi: Alli is very special

Xavi: Alli is very special

The English press do like to over hype a player but every pundit sings the praises of Dele Alli, each thinking he is a superstar in the making and perhaps the best English player of his generation in the same way Paul Gasgoigne was.

Barcelona legend Xav has also taken note and spoke to the Daily Mirror recently about our talented 20-year-old.
"There are some very promising young English midfield players - and there is no doubt he is very special. He is very talented, very technical. I can understand why The Tottenham fans are hoping he is the next Paul Gascoigne. 
“For me, Gascoigne was an inspiration when I was developing, one of the best midfield players I have ever seen. It is important not to put pressure on Dele with these comparisons - but I can see why fans are excited. 
“For him to be at the very top level, he needs to consistently play well and put in big performances against the big clubs both in England in Europe. He has the capabilities to be able to do just that.”

He performed against Chelsea, he played his part against WBA, he has been knocking in the goals before then and now it is the time to step up once more and put in a performance against Manchester City that makes the difference between the two sides.


Lloris save 17% more shots than Bravo


The stats above would suggest Hugo Lloris is going to be busy and statistics show that the more shots you have the more goals you score, percentage wise. They also show that the closer you have those shots the more likelihood there is of a goal.

manchester City have scored 41 goals, we have scored 43 and yet we take a lot of shots from outside the box, more than most. The game against City may be an opportunity for a goal from distance for us because 14 of the last 22 shots that Bravo has faced have gone in.

If you were Pochettino, would you be telling Dele Alli, Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen to pepper him with shots on Saturday?

You only have to look at the statistic above to know there is a difference in ability between the two keepers on Saturday, in the Premier League arena at least.

Former Manchester United keeper Fabien Barhtez was unsure Lloris would be able to handle the Premier league, not being the type of keeper who has total command of his penalty area in the way Barthez did with total commitment. We see Lloris come for balls and not get there still.

Timing and anticipation are required to rise above the pack and Lloris has those skills in abundance. he may be a quiet man, but there is a steely determination about Lloris I find and he managed the mental side well. His concentration is excellent and that allied with his anticipation and reactions allows him to be in the right place at the right time.

That makes the actual saving a touch easier. It is those small elements that add up to make a diference in any player.

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One staying, one leaving Spurs


Mauricio Pochettino has revealed that Josh Onomah will not be loaned out and will continue his development at Tottenham. This is the plan for the talented players he believes are good enough to play for the club.

The academy is there to produce professional footballers and some will be produced, as they have in the past, by being loaned out and some may well get to play for the first team. However, can we deduce that any player he sends out on loan is deemed not good enough for Tottenham?

Cameron carter-Vickers is not being loaned out, Josh Onomah is not being loaned out, Harry Winks is not being loaned out.

"No, no. I think it's clear that Josh is a potential first team player like Cameron Carter-Vickers and Harry Winks, like all the young players in our academy. 
"The way to improve is training with us and trying to show us that he deserves to be involved. In that moment, you can be sure that we will give him the opportunity to play and show his quality. 
"So no, we are not thinking about selling or loaning him out."

Young striker Shayon Harrison has just been loaned out to Yeovil Town to get some playing experience. Each player is different, some may need to go out on loan and learn to fight for a place, perhaps some need a reality shock, but some will be deemed not good enough for Spurs. If we can turn them into a professional football player though, we can sell them and the academy pays for itself. That at least is the ideal.

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