Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Harry Winks taking over from Carroll - The stats

Harry Winks is surely Tom Carroll's successor in the Tottenham squad, he has to be above him in the pecking order already anyway.

He is 4 years younger than Carroll with development potential while at 24 Caroll has simply stagnated or even gone backward, certainly his passing doesn't seem to go forward anymore.

Their statistics from last night's game are below the graphic, take a look

Harry Winks vs Tom Carroll
The Summary

Harry Winks: 1 shot, 2 key passes, 71 touches, 57 passes, 91.2% passing accuracy, 0 crosses, 0 accurate crosses, 3 long balls, 3 accurate long balls, 3 dribbles, 2 dispossessed, 2 unsuccessful touches, 2 tackles, 1 interception, 0 clearances.

Tom Carroll: 0 shots, 1 key pass, 48 touches, 35 passes, 85.7% passing accuracy, 2 crosses, 0 accurate crosses, 3 long balls, 2 accurate long balls, 0 dribbles, 2 dispossessed, 3 unsuccessful touches, 2 tackles, 2 interceptions, 1 clearance.

Harry Winks was first class tonight. A million miles better than Carroll.
Thought Spurs were in for a hiding after the second goal. The youngsters showed good character, particularly Harry Winks.

On the plus side I think has been very good again. Retains the ball so well. He'll get some Premier League starts this season.

Harry Winks has been fantastic so far

At 24, is Tom Carroll closing in on a Spurs exit?

Michel Vorm 33, Kieran Trippier 26, Tom Carroll 24, Ben Davies 23, Kevin Wimmer 23, Vincent Janssen 22, Eric Dier 22, Georges-Kevin N'Koudou 21, Harry Winks 20, Josh Onomah 19, Cameron Carter-Vickers 18.

Tom Carroll was the third most experienced player in the team last night and surely he should be beyond the player he is by now, late developer or not. I wrote he didn't have the mentality to be a top four Premier League player when he turned down a loan move to Ajax at the time we bought Christian Eriksen. For his development that would have been a fantastic move, instead his game went backwards at QPR in the Championship and hasn't moved forward since.

He can pass, he is competent, although he does give the ball away in our own half too much and does nothing with the ball when further forward. I ask you, when was the last time you actually saw Tom Carroll create anything? When was the last pass from him that got you excited?

As i write last night after the game, there was an incident in the first half where he had 15 yards in front of him and instead of driving into it and forcing Liverpool to adjust their defensive shape, he simply abdicated responsibility to send it wide to N'Koudou. Carroll alleviated any threat Liverpool may have been put under in a game where to be honest we created little.

He might be a nice guy, but without a winning mentality, nice guys come last. You have to have the ability to switch between the two characters like Scott Parker. Nice guys often lack the determination and if that trait isn't in your character you won't get to the level required. Carroll seems to lack it, otherwise his game should have evolved with all the training he does.

I fail to see how he can be kept on after next summer, especially with the emergence and development of Harry Winks. We don't need both in the squad, there are better quality midfield players who could strengthen the squad and give us more options.

Spare a thought for our brave boys & girls who have travelled all the way to Liverpool to watch Tom Carroll pass sideways

The only thing I'm not happy about apart from the result last night obviously, was persisting with Tom Carroll

Tom Carroll is 24 FFS. Four years older than Alli, but still looks about 14. Might be time to accept that he's just not very good!!!

Tom Carroll needs to be gone in January

Digging out Janssen when Tom 'sideways pass' Carroll is playing behind him. Carroll is a hopeless, hopeless footballer

Will Tom Carroll play for Spurs again? Or Kevin Wimmer? Poch's mistrust of the latter looks amply justified based on tonight.

Why did N'Koudou not use his pace?


It was a throwback to the Lennon years, a player with great pace and not once did N'Koudou knock the ball past his man and take him on. he had to keep dropping too deep the get the ball from davies who offered little going forward.

He kept turning back and playing the possession game. He was ineffective and will learn more from that game than he did against Gillingham. The 21-year-old (22 next February) Frenchman was always going to need time to get fit after having no pre-season and then would have to adjust to our style of play and the greater physicality and speed of the Premier League, after only just having broken into the French league.

It is unfortunate a slip deep in our own half from him led to Liverpool scoring the first goal. We have to forget his age and say this is the level we want you playing at. It is up to him to work to play to that level, if you lower your standards to accommodate a player then you lower the standards of the whole team.

This is why I reaffirm that football is a ruthless game where you do not accept second best. You acknowledge it and work on improving each day. That sound simply but without the right mentality is impossible to do, hence players like N'jie stagnate. Yes he was injured but the the remaining half of the season he was fit he wasn't showing Pochettino enough where you have to show it, in training. Do that and you'll get your chance.

The plan was for Moussa Sissoko to play but a 3-game ban put paid to that so N'Koudou was drafted in. He took part in some decent passing football from us. We were creating outside the box, Janssen was playing some lovely touches, but the next leg of the play was then not up to the level of the approach play.

There is ability there in N'Koudou clearly and in Pochettino we have the right man to tease it out.

Solid, but is solid enough?

Ben Davies is a different player to Danny Rose, he doesn't have the same attacking qualities and is more of a defensive full-back. Last night N'Koudou was at times having to drop deep to collect the ball in positions you would normally see Danny Rose. That has a knock-on affect.

We have been linked with a few full-backs are closely watching Ryan Sessegnon, a player more in the Rose mold, although he has very little experience. Since the reported Chelsea interest, his performances seem to be up and down. You wonder whether he is being mentally affected by the rumours and of course we don't know if Conte has made a phone call to him to outline the plans he has for him, if the rumours of interest are genuine.

Generally, he has been a solid player overall and a decent backup to Danny Rose. He has played 4 Premier League games so has been a part of our unbeaten start, a couple of UEFA Champions League games and a couple of League Cup games.

If we signed someone like 16-year-old (17 next May) Ryan Sessegnon from Fulham then he would need time to develop so Davies as a backup would still be required. If we signed someone like 19-year-old (20 in December) Ben Chillwell from Leicester City then we wouldn't.

I can't see his future being decided until the summer though and he still has a big part to play in the remainder of the season. he'll certainly have better games than he had last night, but it wasn't a disastrous performance by any means.

Wimmer blew his chance

Mauricio Pochettino left Kevin Wimmer out of the 18 for the Bayer Leverkusen match and questioned the standards of the media.

"Why are you confused? You are creating an issue that doesn't exist. You say it's a big problem for the supporters and media are very concerned. His situation was (he was) out of the 18 players. I need to take a decision about that. 
"When did I tell you he wasn't in my plans? I'm very honest with you. When a player is not in my plans, I tell you quickly but first I tell the player. He's in my plans. 
"When I put him on the bench, another player needs to be put out. Tell me which player you'd switch with him?"

That sums up the big problem we have with the media in this country and indeed websites reporting Tottenham news. They want to create a drama or a crisis out of nothing. You can't put two centre-backs on the bench and Cameron Carter-Vickers has more potential than Wimmer, who is very left-footed.

When you are given a start, you have to grab the opportunity, that's what winners do. Yet Wimmer was poor last night, outperformed by Carter-Vickers, fully justifying Pochettino's decision to prefer the American youngster born in England.

If you are gonna give it big about not playing, make sure you turn up when given the chance!

Kevin Wimmer summoning his inner Clad Chirices with that performance tonight

Also, what on earth happened to Kevin Wimmer? Looked a shadow of the player he was last season 😕

Kevin Wimmer has proved tonight Poch knows best. Been so far off the mark, very disappointing performance from him

Got to admire Kevin Wimmer's dedication to wanting out of Spurs

Remember when Kevin Wimmer was really good? I preferred that.