Tuesday, 30 August 2016

New stadium: Cement and that missing Raker


Well while there is very little transfer activity we'll improve your DIY skills next time you're putting up a new stadium in the back garden for the misses.

I don't remember using one of these to level out the concrete when I was helping do my Dad's drive, a plank of wood did the trick. Mind you, it would take a while if you did the new Spurs stadium using a plank of wood.

Our new found friends the Rakers have been getting in the news lately, one mysteriously disappeared under the cover of darkness you might say. Take a look at the two shots below, now you see it, yellow, now you don't, blue. 

This was perhaps a faulty batch of concrete is the general assessment from the many onlookers to this build. Apparently a small sample of each batch of concrete is subjected to tests. A dollop (it's a technical term for anyone who has watched the 1992 film My Cousin Vinnie) is placed in a cube and for starters tested for surface hardness, a crush test to see how much pressure it can take and water ingress, in other words how much water gets into the concrete, which any defect would maximise.

It has been a brilliant piece of PR from the club to have cameras and a live feed of the build. People are tuning in from all over the world to watch.

Pace isn't everything

Why do so many Spurs fans suggest we lack the pace to hit teams on the counter attack when we were doing so quite successfully last term? Successful until that is we got in sight of goal, then our six against one attacks came to nothing as player after player made the wrong decision or Ryan mason missed the target.

our counter attacking was quite successful and Vincent Janssen has speed enough. I get that pace is an advantage, but finishing is a greater advantage, a fast player who then can't convert or play the right final ball has simply wasted his pace.

It takes more than mere speed to counter attack, Alli is no slouch, Walker, Rose both provide pace on the flanks. The quickest way to get from one end of the field to the other is to pass the ball, the ball moves quicker than any player and where we need to address our game is passing, the speed of passing.

Still we are seeing players stand still waiting for the ball as it is slowly stroked towards them, playing into the oppositions hands. Just because you have time on a ball doesn't mean you can slowly pass to someone else, our passing needs to be sharp and crisp with excellent close control. The movement off the ball hasn't been there yet this season

Fanbase needs to chill, Pochettino has it in hand


Why are so a few fans gnashing their teeth about players potentially leaving the club and clamouring for three or four incomings as a result. You have clown on Twitter moaning we aren't making signings, no doubt the very same people who complain we never make early signings, which we have done.

They complain that we shouldn't do late business, which every other clubs does when they try to buy our players you'll note, but if we don't look like signing someone they moan again. If you sign a player they complain they should have been signed earlier, if you don't sign a player they moan we should have.

Basically some of our fanbase like to moan for any reason, the transfer window is merely to satisfy their lust for new things, it has nothing to do with improving Spurs or doing what is best for the club. If they were a part of the clueless anti-Levy cluster that would explain everything.

People need to trust Mauricio Pochettino, he has shown he knows what he is doing and changing a squad to how you want it to be takes time, not just a couple of windows. Selling everyone at once and bringing in new recruits to replace the rarely works, a few each window and you get a squad in your own image over several years, most managers don't last long enough to see their plans come to fruition in today's must have now world.

Son will not be allowed to leave unless Pochettino decides he has cover or has lined up a replacement to come into the squad. Nacer Chadli has departed for WBA and Georges-Kevin N'Koudou is training with us so is clearly going to be announced before the window closes.

If Tom Carroll and Ryan Mason leave there places will be taken by Josh Onomah and Harry Winks, both who came on on Saturday against Liverpool. Winks impressed in Australia and you can't really suggest that Tom Carroll is a better player, he isn't.

We search for an attacking midfielder at the right price but must remember we challenged for a title last season with the squad we have so it isn't all doom and gloom. We have a young side who have growing and developing to do themselves, something that seems to have been forgotten.

We started last season slowly and this season we are unbeaten while bringing our European Championship player back to fitness. It is a long season, we don't have them totally match fit for for the first game.

An international break and then the season will really get under way.

Tom Carroll to Derby County


Rob Mackenzie is announced to be leaving Spurs for a new post at Derby County and they were immediately linked with a move for Alex Pritchard. He went to Norwich City for the same fee we have agreed Ryan Mason can go to Sunderland, or Hull City if that falls through.

Tom Carroll is the next to be linked with strong rumours that he is to move to the Championship side. Again Pochettino feels he is a good character to have around the club at Tottenham but he won't get that much game time and would be spending most of it on the bench, if he gets that far.

For the sake of his own career he needs to move and get himself regular football. In my view he should have gone to Ajaz on loan when Christian Eriksen came to White Hart Lane, they wanted him and he turned them down. His career hasn't moved forward since, it can't, he simply doesn't play enough.

A move to Derby County may well be a good fit for him.

Mason: Sunderland or Hull City medical


The future of Ryan Mason is up to Ryan Mason, he might stay, he wants tyo, but he also might decide to leave to play regular football.

At Tottenham he knows he'll be a bit part player. Pochettino likes him but equally he doesn't let sentiment get in the way of what is best for the team and Mason has been overtaken by others now.

Spurs put a £14-million price on his head and and a fee of £8-million was accepted from Hull City, where Jake Livermore, Michael Dawson and Tom Huddlestone reside. There are reports that Sunderland have agreed a fee also.

Local Newcastle paper, the Chronicle, suggest that Mason has agreed a move to Sunderland, although they suggest a fee has not been agreed. Mason is just the sort of player Moyes likes, you could certainly see him playing in the system he used at Everton so it could well work out for the best for both parties.

The Daily Mail are suggesting Sunderland have agreed a £40,000-a-week deal with Mason who hasn't agreed terms with Hull. Both clubs are suggesting they are confident of signing him.

The last news I have heard was that an £8-million fee has been agreed with Sunderland and that he is travelling there for a medical.