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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Another summer of Batshuayi?


West Ham United have started everyone laughing with news thet are chasing Michy Batshuayi. having been in a squad that has won the Premier League and at a club with the UEFA Champions League football he was looking for, why would he take a step down to possibly battle against relegation, a situation West ham successfully fought their way out of this season?

From his point of view West Ham offers nothing he can't get elsewhere. Chelsea are said to be happy to listen to offers for the 23-year-old (24 in October) Belgian international, he has 9 full caps and 3 goals.

We, of course, tried to buy him last summer and Chelsea came in late to just throw money at Marseille, who needed it at the time. he has struggled to get game time at Chelsea, playing only 207 minutes of Premier League football across 19 games, scoring 3 goals, a goal every 69 minutes.

There seems to be two trains of thought over him, one that he is going to replace Diego Costa next season, which seems unlikely and secondly, thathe will be sold. You would have thought Chelsea would splash the cash to replace Costa rather than relying on the unproven Batshuayi.

Should Chelsea tell him he can leave he won't be short of suitors and Champions League football will be just one the criteria any team will have to meet, quite apart from the wages he is now on.



  1. I love Spurs fans trashing West Ham - just like we trashed your season this year and last! Spurs might be in the Champions League but Levy doesn't even pay Prem Lge wages let alone Champions Lge. Give it the big un like you always do - everyone remembers teams that win nothing right? You lot finished above Arsenal for once - big deal - they have still won more than you in the last 4 years and they are not exactly ripping up trees.

  2. I doubt he would come to us the way we are playing but last season it was us he nearly joined not you guys, we had a bid accepted and then Chelski came in and the rest was history. You lot have managed to make one of the most talented forwards in Jannsen look rubbish maybe you should sell him to us at a loss seeing as he is getting splinters from your benches, good luck next season at Wembley COYI !!!

    1. Utter rubbish, he clearly stated he wanted CL football and was never interested in WHU, you have been misinfoirmed I'm afraid.

      It is a fact of life that you have littkle to offer players, that isn't being mean, it's just a fact. Clubs can go to Germany or Italy and get a greater chance of European football, money is the wrong motivator.

    2. You are the one misinformed Clive. Your former Head of Recruitment - Paul Mitchell became frustrated with Levy for not signing Batshuayi who was his top transfer target to take the strain off Kane. You say the player wanted Champions League football - so why did he join Chelsea who hadn't qualified instead of your boys who had? You also say money is not a factor and yet my last point also proves you wrong. Levy signed Jansen rather than pay the wages for Batshuayi and look how that worked out. Levy always prefers players that don't command big wages, and with the exception of Kane sells those who want parity with the clubs that do. Ross Barkley isn't going to join Spurs as he has a £100k a week offer on the table from Everton - nearly double what Dele Alli earns. If you think money is not intrinsic for modern day footballers then you are stuck in the days of Jimmy Greaves. Funny how Dier, Walker, Rose are all being linked to clubs that pay twice / 3 times a week what Levy pays. Money talks and so does winning trophies - both areas in which Spurs have no experience in. If anyone is talking rubbish then you need o gargle in bleach mate

  3. another muppet still living the 66 dream

    1. Too young for 66 - but you are deluded in the now and 66 is your only come back. Love the fact you think you can actually win the league - best chance was when everyone was pony and Leicester won it - but typical Spurs you choked and it was lovely to be the team to derail your hopes and dreams (spot on). Chelsea were always winning it this year but again we won our Cup Final - Spurs choked and we were cracking up at your win FA season again when your bubble got burst again. So Walker is leaving to triple his wages and to join a club to win things. By the time you move out of Wembley - Ali / Eriksen / Alderwiereld /Rose and Lloris would have moved out too as they will get heads turned by big wages - but one thing will remain the same - your deluded lot will think you should have won something. Wake up boys - you are not as good as you think you are - COYI

    2. I see a total lack of reality in these two clowns. Logic says you have it all wrong folks.

    3. That's an interesting approach. Start saying the other guy is deluded then follow with, well, what I can only describe as delusional nonsense.

      Clearly born without an embarrassment gene.

  4. OK, enough is enough.
    Clive, only one Anon please!

    1. I have no problem with intelligent fans of any club, but daft ones, like the commenters above who can't see the wood for the trees are pathetic.

      I'm all for supporting a club, but blocking out reality to do it in the manner they have and as you have previously speaks volumes.

      We have been where you are, we know what it is like, we know players see certain clubs only as a stepping stone. We have been there and come out the other side. West ham have a lot of growing to do but it won't happen with a suspension of reality.

      I have had email dealings with West Ham and they mist certainly didn't come out of it smelting of roses, they would only give answers verbally that they could deny later, they refused to put them in writing and be accountable.

      A once excellent club who played lovely football has been dragged down to the gutter by the present muck running it.

    2. Not sure why your reply is aimed at me...I just get confused by all the anons, whoever they may be.

  5. Oh no. Let them come. It gives us all a laugh when they try soooo hard.

    And, let's be fair, if you supported the iron (hoofs) would you want anyone to know about it.

    I say welcome them for as long as they have the desire to show up.

  6. So we were all set to win the league this year and last, and Wissdamn were the ones that stopped us. Righto.

    And now the stories start just like they did last year, linking Wissdamn with totally unrealistic signings just so that the two Daves and the Dame can get some season tickets sold to deluded idiots who dream of seeing a decent player in their shit shirt.

  7. I felt like I jinxed the Spurs transfer for Batshuayi, silly as it may be. Comparing him to Drogba on a couple of forums would of course catch the attention of Chelsea, but I am sure they saw the same thing. I still think he is somewhat raw at the moment, but he may well grow in his position. Doubt he is leaving Chelsea but one never knows what is going on in these backrooms.

    1. OTOH it may well be a perfect example for young and talented players to look at and understand why it can be far better to come to Spurs than other, even bigger, clubs.

      Janssen's come and had opportunities to show what he can do. He hasn't taken all of them but he's had the opportunities. What's happened to poor Michy though? Barely an outing.




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