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Monday, 27 March 2017

Why would Janssen want to go to Turkey?


I'm reading an awful lot of old news this international break like Galatasaray want to buy Dutch international Vincent Janssen. Various angles seem to have been taken on the story but none of them seem to be the right angle.

One website claims another £2m will seal the deal, but what they fail to mention is why on earth Vincent Janssen would want to go to the football backwater that is Turkey in the first place.

Two clubs can negotiate a fee all they like, it doesn't mean the player is going to agree to go there and there is little point in Janssen doing so. There will be teams in Italy, Germany and France where he can go and get first team football, Spain too. Those clubs might not pay as much, but that isn't the Dutchman's concern, he has to think of his career and Turkey isn't the first place a young European player thinks of.

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