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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Sir Alex Ferguson - Spurs have the best manager in the Premier League

The best manager the Premier League has ever seen now says Tottenham Hotspur have the best manager in the Premier League.

Sir Alex Ferguson is a man who knows a thing or two about management and a thing or two about winning trophies. It is no wonder that Manchester United want John MaxDermott, Paul Mitchell and Mauricio Pochettino to transform the youth at the countries richest club. All three have turned down the opportunity though as they are embarked on a project at Spurs that has really only just begun.

Local MP David Lammy revealed that he sat next to Sir Alex at a recent dinner and mentioned it in discussion.
“About six weeks ago, I sat next to Sir Alex Ferguson at a dinner in support of grassroots football abroad. 
“He said to me, ‘I think you guys have got the best manager in the Premier League.’ Alex Ferguson said that.”
Recently linked with both United and Chelsea Pochettino goes quietly along turning Spurs into a club with the right mentality in a similar way Sir Alex did at United. He has rebuilt fast because the infrastructure had been put in place behind the scenes. Pochettino has come in and trusted Paul Mitchell to build the scouting network. 

It's a hallmark of great management that you trust people to do their job and that you give them free reign to do it their way, not yours. We have seen the success of the players brought in and the success of that policy.

Pochettino works within the club strategy and those working for and with him  do so with his guidelines, in other words, this is the type of player I want, go and find them. It is all part of creating the right environment, a happy on conducive to success. If you feel you are valued and your opinion is valued then you'll do an even better job and the bond for you to stay will be greater.

Pochettino and Spurs both have a vision, it isn't just the players who have to buy into that vision, it is the whole club staff and that appears to be happening at Spurs. Sir Alex Ferguson said on a TV program that you have to have a successful business before you have a successful football team, the club has to have the right environment off the field, right down to the cleaner being happy.

That is unseen work by a manager, but vital work, the results on the pitch are following. Keep approaching things in that manner and success is then simply a matter of time. It was for Ferguson, it will be for Pochettino.



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